Signed git Commits

GPG + git + GitHub

Contents Does it work? Resources Setup/Usage Verification GitHub Verified Commits Old, trusted commits Does it work? Yep! I now have signed git commits for this blog! If you head over to GitHub you’ll see each commit I’ve pushed is now signed/verified with my usual key. Read on for how I... [Read More]

Matrix Part 2


Contents Unavailable Working IRC Google Hangouts Signal Additional Setup Notes Telegram XMPP/Jabber SMS (Android Only) Gitter Now that I’ve had some time to work with Matrix, I’m committed. I’ve managed to bridge it to most of the chat services/networks I use day to day. It feels like a more modern... [Read More]
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GPG + SSH Auth

Well then, that was easy

Contents PGP Auth Cert + SSH PGP To The Rescue? Spinning Heads Eureka! Nope, thats a failure and a success What do you need to do? Hugs PGP Auth Cert + SSH So… I’ve been struggling with how to effectively leverage PGP auth certs with SSH. I keep my SSH... [Read More]

[Open]PGP Fun

Identity, auth, traditional crypto

Contents Intro My Setup General Approach Keys Tokens My PGP Info General Information Setup My Process Gotchas Next Steps Jekyll post signatures SSH Auth git code signing Intro Lately I’ve been looking at how I can best leverage PGP to ensure that people reading the content I post or browsing... [Read More]