GPD Pocket

The Nokia n810/n900 live!

Contents What is a GPD Pocket? Why?!? Further Reading Pros Cons Accessories My Setup BIOS (IMPORTANT) Operating Systems Windows 10 Pro Xubuntu 16.04 Next Steps Gallery Sideways Screen Full Setup Side View What is a GPD Pocket? The GPD Pocket (link) is a little 7” laptop with a HiDPI (retina)... [Read More]

Realizing Gains

Paper wealth is worth what?

Contents Investing Trading Realized Gains What’s the Policy? Good Question… Action Plan Execution Results My Recommendation Hugs and Love Investing Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose Pretty common advice when entering investment markets. Stocks, bonds, commodities, crypto. They all carry the above warning. I could expand on... [Read More]