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I finally managed to put a number of tracking spreadsheets I have into template form. I’ve got four that I use on a regular basis. Download links below. More detail available on the Tracking page here (link) Cold Storage / Mining Wallets Download Trading Download Exchange Wallets Download Mining Output... [Read More]

EU Cookie Law

EU Cookie Law Today we added support for cookie notifications to help with EU Cookie Law compliance. I used this (link) for the compliance. I’d like to be rid of the pop-up but… I’d rather be in compliance than not.
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Angry the blood It’s articles like this: link that make me upset. Angry even. Take a moment to read it. Why? This angrys up my blood because Bitcoin was designed as a currency. NOT a platform. Sure, the blockchain is a distributed, immutable ledger but there’s more to it than... [Read More]


Confession time: I don’t trade on exchanges [yet]. I’m not a rich person, I don’t have a ton of spare cash flow. I’ve been building a number of long positions slowly via mining and conversions. Once my longs are where I want them, I’ll be slowly building my assets on... [Read More]

ICO Fever

You can't even wipe your own ass

Contents ICO Ahoy! Loss Opportunities Painful Failure Seriously, MVP What I’m Looking For Old World Thinking ICO Ahoy! Grumbling while doing research has become my norm. If you see me looking for new tokens expect to hear nothing but a long, drawn out grumble. At every turn it seems to... [Read More]