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I recently reached out to a website owner who asked for ideas and possible article submissions. My ideas were rejected (rightfully so, it was a bit further afield than their norm) but they did comment positively on my ‘no bullshit’ writing style.

I won’t lie: that meant a lot. I try very hard to leave my opinions out of things and if I can’t, I try to make them obvious. I do have opinions but I also like making people think. I try really hard to ensure my random musings spark a thought that turns into critical thinking.

Plenty of people appear to be reading this blog but I’ve received little in the way of feedback. The amount of feedback is a non-zero number but also not large. The feedback I’ve gotten is positive but there is also a lot of ‘radio silence’ if you will. I’ve always taken this to mean that I haven’t upset anyone enough for them to speak up and to also mean the majority of my readers are good with the status quo.

Given the feedback I recently received and the amount of radio silence I’ve had to date, I’m going to keep on writing as I have. No Bullshit.


I will be playing with analog tools for a bit (this post started life as ink on a page) as a deviation from my norm. I’m burning out on technology, crypto currencies and a number of other things I’ve been focused on lately.

I’ve already posted about Safety Razors and it’s time to do some further writing about the analog tools I use regularly.

Tech will return, rest assured.